Gecko Grip Formulated non-slip sports grip

Made with the highest quality ingredients, Gecko Grip provides the ultimate advantage in grip and control.

Specifically designed for Australian Football Rules, Rugby League & Union, American Football and all other hand based football codes. Whatever the weather condition, Gecko Grip will improve your game with a stronger hold on the football, greater accuracy and an improved confidence during the game.





About Gecko Grip

Gecko Grip is a specifically formulated sports grip designed to assist in providing complete control when either taking possession or disposing of the ball by hand or foot.

Gecko Grip is an Australian owned family business that has been operating for over 40 years.

Over this period, Gecko Grip has been extensively used throughout the Geelong and Victorian regions by leading Clubs and players.

After being rebranded (from Betts Footy Grip), Gecko Grip has relaunched itself into the market with the aim of reaching every Australian Rules Football Club in Australia.

Gecko Grip helps you get “Grip on the Ground” and the “Edge in the Air”.

Product Benefits

Gecko Grip provides the ultimate grip and control in all conditions whether firing out a handball in tight slippery conditions, taking a massive screamer or lining up for that all important six pointer.

With the highest quality ingredients including Australian made beeswax. Gecko Grip is easy to apply and long lasting, it can be reapplied just as easily when required. Gecko Grip will enable you to get the grip on the ground or get the edge in the air ensuring you can maintain possession at all times throughout the game.

How to Apply

To apply Gecko Grip, remove a small amount (approx size 20 cent coin) and rub vigorously between fingers and palms until the right tackiness is met.

The more you rub the tackier it gets, removal of Gecko Grip is easily achieved by using hot soapy water.

Get a grip on your game.

Price List

Single Pack

1 x 350g net Tub – $35.00 +PH

Starter Pack

2 x 350g net Tubs – $65.00 +PH

Club Pack

5 x 350g net Tubs – $150.00 +PH

Standard Postage rate of $13 for all orders under $100.


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